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louise glover

louise glover
Louise Glover Image

Name: Louise Glover
Date of Birth: 08 February 1983
Measurements: Bust natural 34c,24,34 - Height 5'5"
Nationality: English spoken, born England, Great Britain
Profession: International Cover Model and TV Personality.

*Early life:
Louise grew up with her mum and dad and older brother and twin sisters in England. After passing all her GCSE's Glover attended St Helens Collage, studying NVQ in Fitness, Coach, Teach & Instruct, to lead onto Personal training and sport nutritionist. Louise went on to study Scuba Diving and gained her open water PADI in Malta and Advanced PADI in Malaysia and next up is Dive Master.

*Underwater Ambition: Louise's ambition is to become a scuba diving instructor & own her very own diving school in Australia. She loves swimming with sea turtles, beluga whales, dolphins and sharks. She is an adrenaline junkie. She absolutely adores all marine life and is fascinated by the deep blue sea. Louise wants to learn free diving. Her dream is to swim along side the whale sharks and live on a island in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

*Model Discovery:
A story of Louise Glover's "discovery" is that she was scouted by a modelling agent at the age of nine while shopping with her mother for baby clothes for her twin sisters. Originally, she wanted to be a fashion and run way model and studied every book she could find in her early teenage years and still has all her scrap books with all her inspiration, hopes and dreams for a better future. She wanted a career in Fashion and studied design textiles at school to get a head start. But after approaching Elite Premier and Storm, her 5'5" in height wasn't growing any taller and she gave up on the idea. While in school she was offered to become a professional trampolinist and considered competing for the British team.

*Beauty Pageants: As a teenager Louise was in several beauty pageant finals including, Miss England, Miss Great Britain, Miss Hawaiian Tropic and Miss Earth which took place in the Philippines over 4 weeks in 2002.

*Page 3: Louise started a page 3 career as a topless model after shooting with renowned British photographer jenny savage for the Daily Star, which made it clear that she wanted to be a glamour model. Louise then became a regular Page 3 model and her fan base grew and glover started winning contests and interest from magazines and TV turned tenfold. Louise has been a regular page 3 model for 9 years to date.

*Playboy: After winning the Playboys Model of the Year in 2006, Louise became a Playmate in France and in Spain and went on to several international Playboy covers. As a result she has been in over 90 Playboy magazines internationally. Over the years Glover traveled regular to L.A and made regular appearances at the Playboy mansion. Hugh Hefner quoted "Louise Glover as the UK's answer to Carmen Electra" and named her the UK's Sexiest export and Model of the Year. Louise is the only model out side of the states to ever be awarded this title.

*Glamour Modelling: Louise has graced the covers of the biggest magazines in the glamour modelling world including: FHM, MAXIM, Penthouse, Playboy, Playboy Lingerie, Playboy Vixens, Arena, ICE, BIZARRE, Bonita, GQ, American Curves, Loaded, Zoo & Nuts to name a few.
These are considered very high achievements for a model in the industry. Louise has been on over 100 lads magazine covers and in thousands of magazines pictorials international. Louise has als appeared in Lynx mens body spray web virals and

*Commercial Modelling: Louise Glover has appeared on countless billboards, print and TV ad's, magazine covers plus fitness DVD's and music videos since her introduction on the modelling scene. She is currently the spokesperson of more than 10 brands internationally from countries like United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Hawaii, Belize, Bahamas, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

*Fitness Modeling: Louise was a WWE Diva Search Finalist in 2008. Louise did the Reebok campaign with her pictures plastered on billboards and in magazines and in hundreds of UK and European gyms. Various other fitness brands louise has worked for include: Fitness First, Escape Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Womens Fitness, Ultra Fit Magazine Cover's & various Fitness DVDS.

*Music Videos: Scouting for Girls "Shes So Lovely", Star Pilots Ministry of Sound"In the Heat of the Night", Dot star "She's Killing Me", Wiley" Bigaloo" Brags "I'm So Fly".

*Television Shows: This has all led to an increasing role as a television personality on various shows, including regular roles on BBC THREE "Glamour Girls, Sky One "Dream Team", Ch4 Model Behaviour, Men & Motors, E! Entertainment "Girls of the Playboy Mansion" and Americas hit show series on HBO, "Entourage" directed by Mark Walburg.

*TV Presenter: Louise covers everything from parties, music festivals and even world film premiers on the red carpet. Louise worked for Nitelife TV online for 1 year.

Voluntary Charity Work:

*Operation Raleigh International:
At 17 Louise travelled to Belize for a 12 week trekking expedition, leading to a rural village were a group of young people work along side louise to help build a school and teach children english. Also extending foot bridges and planting trees.
At 21 Louise travelled to Malaysia for 4 weeks were she helped a rural village build a pre school and teach them english. also climbing the highest mountain in south east asia and passing her advanced scuba diving course.The expeditions themselves generally comprise three parts (Adventure, Environment and Community). The Projects are planned with local partners allowing participants to get involved with rural communities and habitats.

*PETA: In 2010 Louise was body painted by PETA and stood outside the houses of parliament, Publicising a Anti-Fur campaign to stop the Queens guards from using real bear fur for there caps. It takes one bear to make one fur Queens guard cap. Louise is a regular volunteer at the London PETA offices were she helps out, to help make people aware of animals rights.

*Exotic Zoo Rescue Centre: Louise is a regular volunteer at the rescue centre in London. Were she handles snakes, spiders, frogs, lizards, parrots and even monkeys. Helping to Feed, clean and nurture them back to good health.

*Charity Runs: Louise has done many runs over the years raising money for charities such as, Sports Relief, Cancer Research, The white chapel mission homeless shelter in London And bungee jumped for Diabeates UK. Raising thousand's of pounds all in all. 
Louise Glover

Louise Glover
English model, Beauty Queen, and a photographer, Louise Glover has all the bases covered. She is a true story of rags to riches, going from homeless at 15 to being the first British model to become a Playmate of the year. So quit reading and start looking!
  Louise Glover Louise Glover Louise Glover Louise Glover Louise Glover  Louise Glover Louise Glover Louise Glover Louise Glover Louise Glover
Louise Glover
Louise Glover
Louise Glover
Louise Glover
Louise Glover

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